Yeoh Guan Hong

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The complete nucleotide sequence of the DNA of Indian cassava mosaic virus (ICMV) and a key part of that of a group B isolate of African cassava mosaic virus from Malawi (ACMV-M) were determined and compared at the nucleotide and encoded amino acid levels with the published sequences of an ACMV group A isolate (ACMV-K) and other whitefly-transmitted(More)
The coat protein (CP) gene-containing circular DNA molecule of an isolate of tomato leaf curl geminivirus (ITmLCV; 2749 nt) obtained from southern India, and the CP genes of tomato yellow leaf curl geminivirus isolates from Nigeria and two regions of Saudia Arabia were sequenced. ITmLCV DNA had the same arrangement of ORFs, and the same pattern of repeats(More)
Cellobiohydrolase I (CBH I) has a higher adsorption affinity (K ad) and tightness (−ΔH a) for Avicel than cellobiohydrolase II (CBH II). The adsorption processes of CBH I and II were exothermic, and the degree of exothermy were larger with the increasing ionic strength. Entropy change of CBH I was larger than CBH II with increasing ionic strength. CBH I was(More)
We have used cross-sectional scanning tunneling microscopy ~STM! to perform nanometer-scale characterization of compositional structure and interfacial properties within GaAs12xSbx /GaAs double-quantum well structures. An algorithm has been devised based on analysis of strain effects in STM data to obtain detailed, quantitative compositional profiles within(More)
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