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Kisspeptin and its receptor GPR54 play important roles in mammalian reproduction and cancer metastasis. Because the KiSS and GPR54 genes have been identified in a limited number of vertebrate species, mainly in mammals, the evolutionary history of these genes is poorly understood. In the present study, we have cloned multiple forms of kisspeptin and GPR54(More)
Kisspeptin and its receptor, GPR54, play important roles in mammalian reproduction and cancer development. However, little is known about their function in nonmammalian species. In the present study, we have isolated the cDNA encoding the kisspeptin receptor, GPR54, from the bullfrog, Rana catesbeiana. The bullfrog GPR54 (bfGPR54) cDNA encodes a 379-amino(More)
Android uses permissions for application security management. Android also allows inter-application communication (IAC), which enables cooperation between different applications to perform complex tasks by using some components and Intents. In other words, Android provides more flexibility and places less restriction on application development. This is a(More)
This paper proposes a method to calculate similarities of software without any source code information. The proposed method can be used for various applications such as detecting the source code theft and copyright infringement, as well as locating updated parts of software including malware. To determine the similarities of software, we used an approach(More)
Nowadays, computer software is an essential part in our lives and is used in various fields. While software gives us convenience, it also causes many problems. Various research efforts are needed to defend against software plagiarism, attacks using malware/software, and so on. Analysis techniques of binary executable files can be applied to investigate and(More)
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