Yenumula B. Reddy

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—Trust is very important in wireless sensor networks to transfer the data from source to destination. The Dynamic Source Protocol calculates the alternate path, if any node fails to transfer the data. The Dynamic Source Protocol does not have any built-in functionality to calculate an alternate path if the path has a malicious node. With the expense of an(More)
The problem of detecting malicious nodes in wireless sensor networks is considered. Since current security mechanisms are inadequate for wireless sensor networks, we must develop a new framework to detect malicious nodes using Zero-Sum game approach and selective node acknowledgements in the forward data path. The first few sections of the paper provide a(More)
Meghanathan has published more than 140 peer-reviewed articles (more than half of them being journal publications). been serving in the editorial board of several international journals and in the Technical Program Committees and Organization Committees of several international confer-Radio interference is a problem that has plagued air communication since(More)
A novel genetic algorithm application is proposed for adaptive power and subcarrier allocation in multiuser OFDM systems. The proposed method is compared with Eshan's [2] power and subcarrier allocation algorithm and Wang's modified genetic algorithm [23]. Our method has fast convergence and can handle large allocations of subcarriers to users without(More)