Yenny Méndez

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We present preliminary work towards the inclusion of emotions during the evaluation of interactive systems. Our approach comprises four major phases: Selection of relevant emotions; analysis of relationships between emotions and interactive systems; selection of detection mechanisms; and application of evaluation methods.
This paper proposes a set of evaluation criteria that can be applied to assess ergonomic, usability and collaboration aspects of multitouch surfaces and their applications. Multitouch surfaces are technologies that are becoming popular among users. Our proposal takes into account elements that are used for usability evaluation of interactive systems as well(More)
— Usability evaluation methods r equire in some cases collabor ative wor k in or der to be defi ned in a pr oper manner. Based on this premise, we pr opose a mechanism to incor por ate collabor ative pr ocesses in or der to have a refer ence point to develop gr oup pr ocesses. This paper descr ibes a methodology in or der to design usability evaluation(More)
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