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STT-RAM is an emerging NVRAM technology that promises high density, low energy and a comparable access speed to conventional SRAM. This paper proposes a hybrid L1 cache architecture that incorporates both SRAM and STT-RAM. The key novelty of the proposal is the exploition of the MESI cache coherence protocol to perform dynamic block reallocation between(More)
Recently, the discovery of memristor brought the promise of high density, low energy, and combined memory/arithmetic capability into computing. This paper demonstrates a practical neural branch predictor based on memristor. By using analog computation techniques, as well as exploiting the accuracy tolerance of branch prediction, our design is able to(More)
During a series of recent natural catastrophes, social media has played an increasingly prominent and varied role in crisis response, ranging from facilitating the recruitment of volunteers during an earthquake to supporting spiritual recovery after a hurricane. In this paper, we propose that social media, beyond the conventional role of information(More)
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