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The Bacillaceae family members are a good source of bacteria for bioprocessing and biotransformation involving whole cells or enzymes. In contrast to Bacillus and Geobacillus, Anoxybacillus is a relatively new genus that was proposed in the year 2000. Because these bacteria are alkali-tolerant thermophiles, they are suitable for many industrial(More)
Two genes that encode α-amylases from two Anoxybacillus species were cloned and expressed in Escherichia coli. The genes are 1,518 bp long and encode 506 amino acids. Both sequences are 98% similar but are distinct from other well-known α-amylases. Both of the recombinant enzymes, ASKA and ADTA, were purified using an α-CD–Sepharose column. They exhibited(More)
Two thermophilic bacteria (SK3-4 and DT3-1) were isolated from the Sungai Klah (SK) and Dusun Tua (DT) hot springs in Malaysia. The cells from both strains were rod-shaped, stained Gram positive and formed endospores. The optimal growth of both strains was observed at 55 degrees C and pH 7. Strain DT3-1 exhibited a higher tolerance to chloramphenicol (100(More)
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