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Isolation of thermo-tolerant and high lipid content green microalgae: oil accumulation is predominantly controlled by photosystem efficiency during stress treatments in Desmodesmus.
Discoveries of new microalgae with thermo-tolerance, high growth rate, and high lipid content are crucial to algal biodiesel production in tropical and subtropical zones. Four new green microalgaeExpand
Identification and characterization of Fusarium spp. associated with root rots of field pea in North Dakota
Root rots are a major concern in field pea production in North Dakota. However, it is unclear which pathogens are involved in causing these diseases. This report brings together findings from surveysExpand
Temporal Changes in Nudibranch Composition at a Coastal Site off Penghu (the Pescadores) in the Taiwan Strait
Yeng Su, Li-Jin Huang, Yen-Wei Chang, and Hin-Kiu Mok (2009) Temporal changes in nudibranch composition at a coastal site off Penghu (the Pescadores) in the Taiwan Strait. Zoological Studies 48(4):Expand
Genetic differentiation of the soft shore barnacle Fistulobalanus albicostatus (Cirripedia: Thoracica: Balanomorpha) in the West Pacific
This study examined the phylogeography of the barnacle Fistulobalanus albicostatus, which inhabits mangroves and estuarine shores in the West Pacific. Differentiation in the mitochondrial cytochromeExpand
A simplified, economical, and robust light trap for capturing benthic and pelagic zooplankton
Abstract Most of the commonly used light traps for plankton studies are often large, heavy and expensive, and cannot be easily used for pelagic sampling. Although many small, and simple light trapsExpand
Can the morphology of the integumentary spicules be used to distinguish genera and species of phyllidiid nudibranchs (Porostomata: Phyllidiidae)?
Thirty-eight specimens belonging to four genera and 15 species of the nudibranch family Phyllidiidae were examined to investigate whether the morphology of their integumentary calcareous spiculesExpand
A new deep-sea scalpelliform barnacle, Vulcanolepas buckeridgei sp. nov. (Eolepadidae: Neolepadinae) from hydrothermal vents in the Lau Basin.
The present study describes a new species of Vulcanolepas from the Lau Basin in the South Pacific. The basal angle of the tergum of Vulcanolepas buckeridgei sp. nov. is elevated from theExpand