Yen-Sheng Chen

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Anti-control of chaos of single time-scale brushless DC motors is studied in this paper. In order to analyse a variety of periodic and chaotic phenomena, we employ several numerical techniques such as phase portraits, bifurcation diagrams and Lyapunov exponents. Anti-control of chaos can be achieved by adding an external constant term or an external(More)
A scheme is proposed to achieve chaos synchronization for mutual coupled systems via partial stability theory. Under this scheme, three criteria are given to ensure chaos synchronization. The first criterion applies to the case without system perturbation and the other two apply to systems possessing vanishing and nonvanishing perturbations, respectively.(More)
Practical systems usually possess random components. Random components often affect the robustness of synchronism and must be taken into consideration in the design of synchronization. In the present study, we assume that the system satisfies the Lipschitz condition, and the random component is uniformly bounded. By the partial stability theory, we are able(More)
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