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This paper analyses two sets of data that consist of repeated measurements with missing data. The missing observations always occur at the end of the series of repeated measurements. The score test for multivariate normal data is used to compare treatment groups; if the original data are not multivariate normal they are replaced by expected normal scores.
This study was conducted to investigate whether a single dose of nebulized budesonide effectively decreased airway inflammation as demonstrated by exhaled nitric oxide (eNO) levels. A single dose of nebulized budesonide, but not nebulized terbutaline, rapidly decreased eNO levels in 6 hours. The decrease in eNO levels induced by nebulized budesonide was(More)
A study has been conducted at selected locations along the Straits of Malacca on twelve aquaculture fish samples to determine the level of hydrocarbon pollution in the fishes. The homogenized fish tissues were extracted using soxhlet, fractionated and analyzed by using GCMS. Hopanes and PAHs were detected and were found in the range of 57.59 to 9610.31 ng/g(More)
With limited near-field resolution and accessible acoustic windows, sonography has not been advocated for assessing central nervous system injuries in the shaken-baby syndrome. Our purpose was to correlate high-resolution ultrasonographic characteristics of central nervous system injuries in whiplash injuries and the shaken-baby-syndrome with MRI and CT.(More)
Late infantile GM1 gangliosidosis is an extremely rare metabolic disorder with clinical features of seizure and progressive motor and mental retardation without facial dysmorphism or visceral organomegaly. We report the CT and MR imaging findings in one infant, which included abnormalities of the cerebral cortex, white matter, and deep nuclei.
Nasal obstruction is predominantly a subjective patient complaint. The physical examination of the nose for nasal obstruction is a subjective evaluation as well. While the history and physical examination are reasonable diagnostic indicators, an objective means of evaluation is needed. Rhinomanometry measures nasal obstruction objectively and reliably.(More)
We investigated underlying risks for hyperendemic hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection among the 1853 inhabitants of a mountainous village in Eastern Taiwan with high prevalence of HCV and hepatitis B virus (HBV). Among the 80 selected adults, we found that having resided away from the village before 1985 was protective against HCV infection, while residing in(More)
Chromosome number of an axenically grown Trichomonas vaginalis isolate was studied using a 1 mM solution of colchicine and a hypotonic swelling technique. The diploid chromosome number was 2n = 6 [corrected]. Each pair of chromosomes can be identified by its morphology and size. This observation could be important with respect to gene mapping and molecular(More)
In this study, a high pressure liquid chromatography method with fluorescent detector was developed to analyze blood galactose, lactose and glucose simultaneously. Plasma sugars were prepared as fluorescent derivatives to react with FMOC-hydrazine (9-fluorenyl methyl chloroformate). A C18 reversed phase column and a fluorescent detector were used and run in(More)