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A growing number of educational studies apply sensors to improve student learning in real classroom settings. However, how can sensors be integrated into classrooms to help instructors find out students' reading concentration rates and thus better increase learning effectiveness? The aim of the current study was to develop a reading concentration monitoring(More)
The researcher discussed the SSH dictionary attack defense system in the multi platform environments through the analyzing log. The study introduced the current formats and threats of the SSH dictionary attack. Then, the research explained the types of the SSH dictionary attack defense system, and compared the functions and differences between the(More)
In recent years, mobile technologies have developed and applied in education fields, and some mobile emerging carriers with mobile technologies include a personal digital assistant (PDA), smart phone, and e-book. Some of the mobile carriers combines context-aware technologies or involve into wireless network environments to make effective use through the(More)
Some music has been proved effectively to mitigate anxiety, beneficial to reading. However, little was known on its influence of reading behaviors and outcomes. Thanks to the advance of e-book technology, it becomes possible to track reading rate and outcomes in a real-time manner by the underlying mobile devices. This study intends to examine the effects(More)
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