Yen Lin

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This paper presented a hybrid optimal estimation algorithm for solving multi-level thresholding problems in image segmentation. The distribution of image intensity is modeled as a random variable, which is approximated by a mixture Gaussian model. The Gaussian's parameter estimates are iteratively computed by using the proposed PSO + EM algorithm, which(More)
Five cellulose synthase A (CesA) cDNA were cloned from secondary developing xylem tissue of Eucalyptus camaldulensis tree designated EcCesA1 to EcCesA5. The EcCesA cDNA fragments ranged from 2,937 bp to 3,258 bp in length, encoding 979 to 1086 amino acids. Their identity/similarity between each other was around 59-69 %/69-79 %. Sequence analysis identified(More)
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