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Sorting a list of input numbers is one of the most fundamental problems in the field of computer science in general and high-throughput database applications in particular. Although literature abounds with various flavors of sorting algorithms, different architectures call for customized implementations to achieve faster sorting times. This paper presents(More)
Battery lifetime is critical for wireless video sensors. To enable battery-powered wireless video sensors, low-power design is required. In this paper, we consider applying multi-view summarization to wireless video sensors to remove redundant contents such that the compression and transmission power can be reduced. A low-complexity online multi-view video(More)
Multimedia applications are becoming increasingly important for a large class of general-purpose processors. Contemporary media applications are highly complex and demand high performance. A distinctive feature of these applications is that they have significant parallelism, including thread-, data-, and instruction-level parallelism, that is potentially(More)
is made available as an electronic preprint with permission of SPIE and IS&T. One print or electronic copy may be for personal use only. Systematic or multiple reproduction, distribution to multiple locations via electronic or other means, duplication of any material in this paper for a fee or for commercial purposes, or modification of the content of the(More)
Future, more powerful, computers should interact with users to assess their needs, locate the data to meet those needs and process the data so it becomes understandable to the user. ABSTRACT | This paper examines the growing need for a general-purpose Banalytics engine[ that can enable next-generation processing platforms to effectively model events,(More)
H.264 is an emerging video coding standard, which aims at compressing high-quality video contents at low bit-rates. While the new encoding and decoding processes are similar to many previous standards, the new standard includes a number of new features and thus requires much more computation than most existing standards do. The complexity of H.264 standard(More)
The type information of un-annotated membrane proteins provides an important hint for their biological functions. The experimental determination of membrane protein types, despite being more accurate and reliable, is not always feasible due to the costly laboratory procedures, thereby creating a need for the development of bioinformatics methods. This(More)
In the new H.264/AVC video coding standard, motion estimation takes up a significant encoding time, especially when using the straightforward full search algorithm (FS). A fast flexible multi-frame motion estimation algorithm with adaptive search strategies (FMASS) is presented. With special considerations on the multiple reference frames and block modes,(More)
In this paper, we present a video frame-rate up-conversion scheme that uses transmitted true motion vectors for motion-compensated interpolation. In past work, we demonstrate that a neighborhood-relaxation motion tracker can provide more accurate true motion information than a conventional minimal-residue block-matching algorithm. Although the technique to(More)
This paper examines and extracts the parallelism in the AdaBoost person detection algorithm on multi-core processors. As multi-core processors become pervasive, effectively executing many threads simultaneously is crucial in harnessing the computation power. Although the application exposes many levels of parallelism, none of them delivers a satisfactory(More)