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Sorting a list of input numbers is one of the most fundamental problems in the field of computer science in general and high-throughput database applications in particular. Although literature abounds with various flavors of sorting algorithms, different architectures call for customized implementations to achieve faster sorting times. This paper presents(More)
This paper compares the energy efficiency of chip multiprocessing (CMP) and simultaneous multithreading (SMT) on modern out-of-order processors for the increasingly important multimedia applications. Since performance is an important metric for real-time multimedia applications, we compare configurations at <b>equal performance</b>. We perform this(More)
Tracking of features in video sequences has many applications. Conventionally, the minimum displaced frame difference (referred to as DFD or residue) of a block of pixels is used as the criterion for tracking in block-matching algorithms (BMA). However, such a criterion often misses the true motion vectors, due to many practical factors, e.g. affine(More)
The real-time execution of contemporary complex media applications requires energy-efficient processing capabilities beyond those of current superscalar processors. We observe that the complexity of contemporary media applications requires support for multiple forms of parallelism, including ILP, TLP, and various forms of DLP, such as subword SIMD, short(More)