Yen-Hung Kuo

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Due to the explosion of e-Learning, there are too many useful learning materials to design a more efficient course. Therefore, to facilitate efficient course design and management for lecturers, automatic course generation is an important issue in e-Learning research and development. A complete standardized course, however, usually needs some auxiliary(More)
Mobile learning (m-learning) is a new trend in the e-learning field. The learning services in m-learning environments are supported by fundamental functions, especially the content and assessment services, which need an authoring tool to rapidly generate adaptable learning resources. To fulfill the imperious demand, this study proposes an authoring tool(More)
This paper presents a Cloud Computing Adoption Framework (CCAF) security suitable for business clouds. CCAF multi-layered security is based on the development and integration of three major security technologies: firewall, identity management and encryption based on the development of Enterprise File Sync and Share technologies. This paper presents our(More)
Existing parallel algorithms for association rule mining have a large inter-site communication cost or require a large amount of space to maintain the local support counts of a large number of candidate sets. This study proposes a de-clustering approach for distributed architectures, which eliminates the inter-site communication cost, for most of the(More)
In recent years, there has been a dramatic proliferation of research concerned with the ubiquitous learning (u-learning). The u-learning systems have to be continuously evaluated and improved for ensuring the system reliability. Therefore, this work based on meaningful learning aspect to propose a u-learning evaluation model. The model blends features of(More)
A cascoded frequency divider (FD) with division number of 4 and ultra-wide locking range is presented in this paper. The proposed FD consists of a divide-by-2 (D2) injection-locked frequency divider (ILFD) core and a D2 source-injection current mode logic (SICML) divider. After the cascoded integration of ILFD and SICML, the removal of transconductance and(More)
This study describes the development of an information technology (IT)-mediated home-based healthcare model designed to improve the effectiveness of caring for stroke patients who require chronic, home care. This model was evaluated at Kaohsiung Medical Hospital in Taiwan between 2005 and 2008; 84 newly diagnosed stroke patients diagnosed as the chronic(More)
This paper investigates the correlation between the quality of instructional design and learning outcomes for early childhood students in the online synchronous cyber classroom. Today’s generation of e-learners has access to highly engaging and well-designed multi-media synchronous classrooms. However little data exists on what constitutes ‘good practice’(More)