Yen-Hsu Shih

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In this paper, a 64-state four-bit soft-decision Viterbi decoder with power saving mechanism for high speed wireless local area network applications is presented. Based on path merging and prediction techniques, a survivor memory unit with hierarchical memory design is proposed to reduce memory access operations. It is found that more than 70% memory access(More)
This paper presents a channel decoder that completes both turbo and Viterbi decodings, which are pervasive in many wireless communication systems, especially those that require very low signal-to-noise ratios. The trellis decoding algorithm merges them with less redundancy. However, the implementation is still challenging due to the power consumption in(More)
Variable length code (VLC) is the most popular technique using far DCT-based [ I ] image compression standards such as JPEG MPEG and H .26~ . Unfortunately it is highly sensitive to the channel noise. For wireless multimedia transmission, any error bit will cause serious error propagation and result in large image quality degradation. Moreover, it usually(More)
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