Yen-Hsu Chen

Lin-Li Chang10
Deng-Chyang Wu9
Fu-Chen Kuo8
Chao-Hung Kuo8
10Lin-Li Chang
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To examine the role of heme oxygenase (HO)-1 in the pathophysiology of vascular diseases, we generated mice deficient in both HO-1 and apolipoprotein E (HO-1-/-apoE-/-). Despite similar total plasma cholesterol levels in response to hypercholesterolemia, HO-1-/-apoE-/- mice, in comparison with HO-1+/+apoE-/- mice, had an accelerated and more advanced(More)
BACKGROUND Chronic hyperglycemia-associated inflammation plays critical roles in disease initiation and the progression of diabetic complications, including Alzheimer's disease (AD). However, the association of chronic hyperglycemia with acute inflammation of the central nervous system in the progression of AD still needs to be elucidated. In addition,(More)
Most cases of adult-onset tuberculosis (TB) result from reactivation of a pre-existing Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection. Mycobacterium tuberculosis usually invades the respiratory tract and most patients develop intrapulmonary TB; however, some patients develop concurrent pulmonary and extra-pulmonary TB. The purpose of the present study was to identify(More)
This paper reviews the literature about first-line therapies for H. pylori infection in recent years. First-line therapies are facing a challenge because of increasing treatment failure due to elevated antibiotics resistance. Several new treatment strategies that recently emerged to overcome antibiotic resistance have been surveyed. Alternative first-line(More)
BACKGROUND Computer keyboards and mice are potential reservoirs of nosocomial pathogens, but routine disinfection for non-water-proof computer devices is a problem. With better hand hygiene compliance of health-care workers (HCWs), the impact of these potential sources of contamination on clinical infection needs to be clarified. METHODS This study was(More)
Gemifloxacin (GMF) is a fluoroquinolone antibiotic that inhibits bacterial DNA gyrase and topoisomerase IV. The aim of this study was to investigate the anti-metastatic activities of GMF and its possible mechanisms of action, with a special focus on the induction of mesenchymal–epithelial transition (MET). The human breast adenocarcinoma cell lines(More)
Mucormycosis is an invasive fungal infection associated with a high mortality rate, especially in immunocompromised hosts. Mucormycosis rarely occurs in cirrhotic patients. Here, we report a case of mucormycosis with underlying liver cirrhosis and diabetes mellitus. The patient suffered from maxillary sinusitis and osteomyelitis, and the infection was(More)