Yen Hao Shih

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Waveguide TE and TM modes in a GaN:Mg epitaxial crystalline film were studied in a wide spectral range (457.9-1053 nm). The refractive indices n(e) and n(o) were accurately determined by TM and TE mode measurements at six different wavelengths (457.9, 514.5, 632.8, 724.3, 855.1, and 1053 nm). Dispersive curves of n(e) versus lambda and no versus lambda were(More)
An experimental system in which correlated photons for radiometric measurements were used has been set up at the National Institute of Standards and Technology. We use visible-IR pairs of correlated photons produced by means of optical parametric downconversion to measure the radiance of a high-temperature IR source at 3.415 and 4.772 mum in an(More)
Slr: We have previously used the hexokinase-catalyzed conversion of glucose to glucose G-phosphate to illustrate the practicality of ATP regeneration in enzyme-catalyzed organic synthesis.2 The equilibrium constant for phosphate transfer from ATP to glucose is large (K = 1.5 X 102 at pH 6.0),3 and this reaction goes to completion. ATP is, however, only a(More)
In one-photon dissociation of gaseous acetyl chloride at 248 nm, time-resolved Fourier-transform infrared emission spectroscopy is used to detect the fragments of HCl, CO, and CH(2) in the presence of Ar or O(2). The high-resolution spectra of HCl and CO are analyzed to yield the corresponding internal energy deposition of 8.9 +/- 1.1 and 6.2 +/- 0.9(More)
The second-order nonlinear optical coefficients d(33) , d(31) , and d(15) of KTa(0.52) Nb(0.48) O(3) epitaxial thin films grown upon MgO were studied by the standard Maker fringe method of an anisotropic medium. The measured d(33)=-84pm/V is 2.8 times the d(33) of LiNbO(3). The refractive indices n(e) and n(o) at several wavelengths were determined by TE(More)
The chemical reaction dynamics to form o-, m-, and p-cyanophenylacetylene via the neutral-neutral reaction of ground state cyano radicals with phenylacetylene and D(1)-phenylacetylene were investigated in crossed beam experiments; these studies were combined with kinetics measurements of the rate coefficients at temperatures of 123, 200, and 298 K and(More)
In this study, the zinc oxide thin films were prepared by magnetron sputtering on alkali-free borosilicate glass substrates. The doping level of CuO in the ZnO targets varied from 2 to 10 at% during the preparation process to investigate its influence on the properties of ZnO films. All of CuO doped ZnO thin films grew along the preferential (002) crystal(More)
A novel and uniform channel program and erase method is presented to replace the FN tunneling operation for SONOS cells in NAND architecture. The proposed operation utilizes substrate transient hot electron (STHE) injection and substrate transient hot hole (STHH) injection for programming and erasing, respectively. Gate bias polarity can control whether hot(More)
A certain class of parametric down-conversion Bell type experiments has the following features. In the idealized perfect situation it is in only 50% of cases that each observer receives a photon; in the other 50% of cases one observer receives both photons of a pair while the other observer receives none. The standard approach is to discard the events of(More)
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