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Determining the seismic fracture energy during an earthquake and understanding the associated creation and development of a fault zone requires a combination of both seismological and geological field data. The actual thickness of the zone that slips during the rupture of a large earthquake is not known and is a key seismological parameter in understanding(More)
The relationship between tooth form and dietary preference is a crucial issue in vertebrate evolution. However, the mechanical properties of a tooth are influenced not only by its shape but also by its internal structure. Here, we use synchrotron transmission X-ray microscopy to examine the internal microstructures of multiple dinosaur teeth within a(More)
Effective flocculation and dewatering of mineral processing streams containing clays are microstructure dependent in clay-water systems. Initial clay flocculation is crucial in the design and for the development of a new methodology of gas exploitation. Microstructural engineering of clay aggregates using covalent cations and Keggin macromolecules have been(More)
Inelastic X-ray scattering (IXS) is a powerful technique capable of probing the dynamic behavior and electronic structure of materials. For IXS experiments under high pressure up to the megabar range using state-of-the-art diamond-anvil-cell technology, the sample volume is limited to the order of 1 x 10(-3) mm(3) for which a beam focus of the same order(More)
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