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The goal of data mining is to extract knowledge from data. The discovered knowledge plays an important role in decision making. Accordingly, the comprehensibility of the discovered knowledge is very critical. If the discovered knowledge is not comprehensible, it will not be useful for decision making, even leads to an incorrect decision. Data mining is an(More)
The scientific literature of nanoparticle drug delivery technologies (NDDT) between 2005 and 2014 was reviewed. The visualized co-citation network of its knowledge domain was characterized in terms of thematic concentrations of co-cited references and emerging trends of surging keywords and citations to references through a scientometric review. The(More)
The selective transformation of different starting materials by different metal catalysts under individually optimized reaction conditions to structurally different intermediates and products is a powerful approach to generate diverse molecular scaffolds. In a more unified albeit synthetically challenging strategy, common starting materials would be exposed(More)
For the purpose of the sustainable development in the global semiconductor industry, emerging three-dimensional integrated circuit (3DIC) integration technologies have demonstrated their importance as potential candidates for extending the lifespan of Moore's Law. This study aimed to explore a technology selection process involving a three-stage fuzzy(More)
1 The purpose of this study was to collect key success factors (KSFs) that determine information security management in cloud computing. Through contemporary literature reviews, we emphasized four major aspects: the external dimension, the internal dimension , the technology dimension, and the execution dimension. We used these dimensions to develop a(More)
In the paper, we propose an intelligent meta-search engine that bases on user's query keyword(s) to find the extended keywords and more related websites. Instead of listing a lot of candidate websites waiting for users to search, the extended related keywords and more related documents appeared in the explorer window are derived from the proposed method. In(More)
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