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A social network service (SNS) is an online service that aims to build social relations among people who share interests and activities. Web-based SNSs allow users to interact with others over the Internet via e-mail, instant messaging, digital audio, and other platforms. Popular SNS websites include Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Friendster, and Wretch, among(More)
This study describes a smart classroom system that integrates near field communication (NFC) technology to automate attendance management, locate students, and provide real-time student feedback. The proposed system's attendance management feature can conserve time and reduce paperwork because students use their NFC-enabled smartphones or NFC smart cards to(More)
Social networking websites have become increasingly popular, and have also become the main media not only to connect lives socially, but also to affect brand image and consumers' purchase intention. The purpose of this paper is to incorporate the Facebook fan page and e-journal provide over the Internet (cloud e-journal) with the uses and gratification(More)
The purpose of this study is to investigate the possibility of using an online logistics certification learning environment as a training tool to equip future logisticians with required logistics skills. This study incorporates an online logistics certification website that was constructed for college students to familiarize themselves with the(More)