Yen-Chin Huang

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Unlike the high fluorescence quantum yield of the naturally occurring green fluorescence protein (GFP, Φf ∼ 0.8), the GFP chromophore, a benzylidenedimethylimidazolinone (BDI) dye, is nearly nonfluorescent (Φf < 0.001) in common solutions at room temperature. While many efforts have been devoted into the BDI chromophore engineering for fluorescence(More)
Polynorbornenes appended with porphyrins containing a range of different linkers are synthesized. The use of bisamidic chiral alanine linkers between the pending porphyrins and the polymeric backbone has been shown to bring the adjacent porphyrin chromophores to more suitable orientation for exciton coupling owing to hydrogen bonding between the adjacent(More)
A series of dialkylsilylene-spaced copolymers 6 and 7, which contain Me(2)Si and iPr(2)Si spacer groups, respectively, and have alternating donor and acceptor chromophores, have been designed and regioselectively synthesized by hydrosilylation. The ratio of the donor and acceptor chromophores for each repeat unit is 2:1, and the two donor chromophores are(More)
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