Yen-Chih Chiu

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One of the most important issues during the analog layout phase is to achieve accurate capacitance ratios. However, systematic and random mismatches will affect the accuracy of the capacitance ratios. A common-centroid placement is helpful to reduce the systematic mismatch, but it still needs the property of high dispersion to reduce the random mismatch(More)
Switched capacitors are commonly used in analog circuits to increase the accuracy of analog signal processing and lower power consumption. To take full advantage of switched capacitors, it is very important to achieve accurate capacitance ratios in the layout of the capacitor arrays, which are affected by systematic and random mismatches. A good capacitor(More)
As technology node keeps scaling and design complexity keeps increasing, power distribution networks (PDNs) require more routing resource to meet IR-drop and EM constraints. This paper presents a design flow to generate a PDN that can result in minimal overhead for the routing of the underlying standard cells while satisfying both IR-drop and EM constraints(More)
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