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Heterogeneity in the transmission rates of pathogens across hosts or environments may produce disease hotspots, which are defined as specific sites, times or species associations in which the infection rate is consistently elevated. Hotspots for avian influenza virus (AIV) in wild birds are largely unstudied and poorly understood. A striking feature is the(More)
PartTec, Ltd. has, for the past 3 years, pursued the development of <sup>3</sup>He alternative neutron detectors for applications such as border security, portal monitors and handheld devices. This paper discusses PartTec's mobile, very large area, ruggedized and highly efficient neutron detector. The detector's construction and performance are outlined in(More)
The effect of the annealing atmosphere on the luminescent efficiency of ZnTe:O phosphors for X-ray imaging applications was studied. The phosphors were doped by ball-milling bulk ZnTe crystals in an O 2 atmosphere and annealed in various atmospheres: vacuum, N 2 or forming gas (95%N 2 /5%H 2). All samples exhibited a deep red emission centered at 680 nm.The(More)
Misassignment of neutron position (ghosting) produces artifacts which have been observed in wavelength-shifting (WLS) fiber detectors developed for time-of-flight (TOF) neutron powder diffraction. In position-sensitive detectors (PSDs) with WLS fiber encoding, thermal and cold neutrons interact with a monolithic (6)LiF/ZnS:Ag scintillator screen, and(More)
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