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Acetylcholine (ACh) activates two types of chloride conductances in Aplysia neurons that can be distinguished by their kinetics and pharmacology. One is a rapidly desensitizing current that is blocked by alpha-conotoxin-ImI and the other is a sustained current that is insensitive to the toxin. These currents are differentially expressed in Aplysia neurons.(More)
Endothelial cells contain leukotriene (LT) A4 hydrolase (LTA-H) as detected by Northern and Western blotting, but several studies have been unable to detect the activity of this enzyme. Since LTA-H could play a key role in determining what biologically active lipids are generated by activated endothelium during the inflammatory process, we studied possible(More)
An HIV antibody (Ab) against platelet integrin GPIIIa49-66 induces complement-independent platelet particle formation by the elaboration of reactive oxygen species (ROS) downstream of the activation of the platelet NADPH oxidase by the 12-lipoxygenase (12-LO) product 12(S)-HETE. To determine whether other inducers of platelet particle formation also(More)
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