Yelena Bernstein

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A canonical Ras-ERK signaling pathway specifies the fate of the excretory duct cell during Caenorhabditis elegans embryogenesis. The paralogs ksr-1 and ksr-2 encode scaffolding proteins that facilitate signaling through this pathway and that act redundantly to promote the excretory duct fate. In a genomewide RNAi screen for genes that, like ksr-2, are(More)
egl-18 and elt-6 are partially redundant, adjacent genes encoding GATA factors essential for viability, seam cell development, and vulval development in Caenorhabditis elegans. The nT1 reciprocal translocation causes a strong Vulvaless phenotype, and an nT1 breakpoint was previously mapped to the left arm of LGIV, where egl-18/elt-6 are located. Here we(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate in vitro the effect of 10% carbamide peroxide in a mouthguard on the shear bond strength of resin composite to bleached enamel surfaces and morphological changes in these surfaces. MATERIALS AND METHODS Thirty anterior extracted were divided into a control and a test group. Plastic trays were made for each tooth and the test group(More)
OBJECTIVE The content and daily cost of 14 popular multi-vitamin/ multi-mineral (MVMM) supplements promoted for adults 50 years of age or older in the United States were compared in order to provide pharmacists with objective information, enabling them to make more informed recommendations for these products. DATA SOURCES The labeled ingredients for MVMM(More)
Purpose: Bleomycin is an antibiotic medication that inhibits the synthesis of DNA, RNA, and proteins and is now used in a variety of medical conditions including vascular anomalies. The aim of this study was to evaluate the clinical efficacy of transmucosal intralesional injection of bleomycin in the management of tongue lymphatic malformations. Method: A(More)
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