Yekaterina V Lyovkina

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Results obtained in a study of the microscopic distribution of plutonium in the lungs of deceased Pu workers from the Mayak Production Association showed that the long-term retention of Pu was greater than predicted by the current ICRP 66 respiratory tract dosimetry model (HRTM). These data were therefore applied to the HRTM by modifying selected(More)
Lung tissues from workers at the Mayak Production Association were examined to determine the distribution of plutonium (Pu) activity in various lung compartments. Stereological sampling methods and autoradiography were used. Pu particles were identified by microscopic examination of autoradiographs and localised in one of six normal anatomic sites and two(More)
The purpose of this study was to obtain quantitative data on plutonium microdistribution in different structural elements of human bone tissue for local dose assessment and dosimetric models validation. A sample of the thoracic vertebra was obtained from a former Mayak worker with a rather high plutonium burden. Additional information was obtained on(More)
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