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Controlled synthesis of AgInS2 nanocrystals and their application in organic-inorganic hybrid photodetectors
High quality AgInS2 nanocrystals (NCs) are synthesized using a simple single-source precursor method, in which the size and morphology of the products can be precisely controlled from heliotropeExpand
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Enhanced Nanodrug Delivery to Solid Tumors Based on a Tumor Vasculature‐Targeted Strategy
Tumor angiogenesis is a hallmark of tumor growth and metastasis, and inhibition of tumor angiogenesis is an effective strategy for tumor therapy. The high expression levels of specific biomarkersExpand
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Generalized synthesis of metal sulfide nanocrystals from single-source precursors: size, shape and chemical composition control and their properties
A general and facile method is reported for the synthesis of a wide range of metal sulfide nanocrystals including silver sulfide, zinc sulfide, cadmium sulfide, lead sulfide, bismuth sulfide, tinExpand
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Diverse-shaped iron sulfide nanostructures synthesized from a single source precursor approach
Iron sulfide nanostructures with diverse shapes (nanoparticles, nanoribbons and nanoplates) have been synthesized via a single-source precursor of Fe(Ddtc)3 or Fe(Ddtc)2(Phen) (Phen =Expand
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On the Genus Trypeticus Marseul (Coleoptera: Histeridae: Trypeticinae) in China
Abstract This paper describes two new species, Trypeticus fissirostrum n. sp. from Hainan and Trypeticus yunnanensis n. sp. from Yunnan Provinces, China. Three Trypeticus species having been recordedExpand
Description of three new species of Parepierus Bickhardt from South China (Coleoptera, Histeridae, Tribalinae)
This paper studies the histerid genus Parepierus Bickhardt, 1913, from China and reported three new species, Parepierus chinensis sp. n. and P. pectinispinus sp. n. from Yunnan, and P. inaequispinusExpand
Colloidal Alloyed Quantum Dots with Enhanced Photoluminescence Quantum Yield in the NIR-II Window.
Semiconductor quantum dots (QDs) with photoluminescence (PL) emission at 900-1700 nm (denoted as the second near-infrared window, NIR-II) exhibit much-depressed photon absorption and scattering,Expand
Taxonomy of the tribe Paromalini Reitter (Coleoptera: Histeridae, Dendrophilinae) from China
This paper reviews the tribe Paromalini Reitter (Coleoptera, Histeridae) of China. Five new species are described: Carcinops penatii Zhang & Zhou, n. sp. from Sichuan, Platylomalus inflexus Zhang &Expand
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