Yehui Xiong

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UNLABELLED Lysine acetylation is a dynamic and reversible post-translational modification that plays an important role in the gene transcription regulation. Here, we report high quality proteome-scale data for lysine-acetylation (Kac) sites and Kac proteins in rice (Oryza sativa). A total of 1337 Kac sites in 716 Kac proteins with diverse biological(More)
Similar to substrate-conjugated polyubiquitin, unanchored polyubiquitin chains are emerging as important regulators for diverse biological processes. The affinity purification of unanchored polyubiquitin from various organisms has been reported, however, tools able to distinguish unanchored polyubiquitin chains with different isopeptide linkages have not(More)
Rice is one of the most important crops for human consumption and is a staple food for over half of the world׳s population (Yu et al., 2002) [1]. A systematic identification of the lysine acetylome was performed by our research (Xiong et al., 2016) [2]. Rice plant samples were collected from 5 weeks old seedlings (Oryza sativa, Nipponbare). After the(More)
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