Yehuda Roth

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The first descriptions of tracheostomy appear in old Hindu scripts around 2000 BC and Egyptian documents around 1500 BC. Since then, other reports in animals and humans established the tracheostomy as a life saving procedure. Vesalius in 1543 reported the first tracheal intubation in an animal. Trousseau reported 200 patients suffering from diphtheria who(More)
With improved survival, more AIDS patients, especially heavy smokers and alcohol abusers, may be confronted with laryngeal squamous cell carcinoma. Since curative treatment may require aggressive combined therapy, these patients, often suffering from immunosupression and poor general condition, present unique therapeutic challenges. The objective of the(More)
UNLABELLED We evaluated the efficacy of intubation over a gum-elastic bougie by using either a blind technique or indirect laryngoscopy with a laryngeal mirror in patients with unexpected difficult direct laryngoscopy. In a prospective study, 60 consecutive patients with an unexpected Grade III or IV direct laryngoscopy were randomly allocated for(More)
INTRODUCTION Eating and swallowing disorders in children are common and reflected in several symptoms, yet they are not well known. PATIENTS Three patients are presented to demonstrate the spectrum of the problems, the diagnosis and the multidisciplinary team approach to treatment. DISCUSSION To enable safe eating and thriving, swallowing and eating(More)
We propose a new approach in dealing with image recognition. We suggest that recognizing an image is related to the knowledge of a pure quantum state. Since most images are screened through incoherent photons, we introduce a method base on non-linear mapping iterations to regenerate coherence between the image photons.
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