Yehuda Braiman

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We have coherently combined a high-power broad-area laser diode array by using a feedback loop closed off-axis external Talbot cavity. The off-axis feedback from two gratings provides transverse-mode control of broad-area lasers. The Talbot configuration of the external cavity implements diffractive coupling among laser diodes. Feedback from two gratings(More)
Tribology is the science and technology of interacting solid surfaces in relative motion, and its topics include the study of lubricants, lubrication, friction, wear, and bearings. It is estimated that friction and wear cost the US economy 6% of the gross national product [1]. For example, 5% of the total energy generated in an automobile engine is lost to(More)
We designed a V-shape external Talbot cavity for a broad-area laser diode array and demonstrated coherent laser beam combining at high power with narrow spectral linewidth. The V-shape external Talbot cavity provides good mode-discrimination and does not require a spatial filter. A multi-lobe far-field profile generated by a low filling-factor phase-locked(More)
A compound external cavity is designed and implemented to achieve a homogeneous spectrum distribution of broad area laser diodes in an array and to narrow the spectral linewidth of the entire array. The compound external cavity is composed of an optical coupler and a Littrow external cavity with a telescope along the fast axis. The inhomogeneous(More)
We experimentally demonstrate the simultaneous injection locking of pairs of high-power broad-area laser diodes in a 19-laser array driven by a common current source. Each pair is injection locked by use of a single-mode low-power semiconductor laser. The frequency and phase locking are verified bythe optical spectrum and the interference pattern between(More)
We explored a path of achieving high quality phase-locking of broad-area laser diode (BALD) array that operates at high electrical to optical power conversion efficiency (PCE). We found that (a) improving single transverse mode control for each individual BALD, (b) employing global Talbot optical coupling among diodes, and (c) enhancing strength of optical(More)
We present a simple model for self-pulsation instability in passively phased high power optical fiber amplifier arrays with external feedback. Its key features are, first, the feedback level’s sensitivity, and thus that of the cavity Q-value, to small phase changes of the array fields, and, second, the effect of refractive index nonlinearity in the(More)
We propose and implement a common external cavity to narrow spectral linewidth of two broad-area laser diode arrays (LDAs) and align their center wavelengths. The locked center wavelength of two LDAs can be tuned in the range of ~10 nm by tuning the tilted angle of the diffraction grating. The output beams of two LDAs are spatially overlapped through the(More)
Manipulation of friction at the nanoscale has been traditionally approached by chemical means (lubrication). Recent friction force microscopy (FFM) experiments demonstrated that it can be done mechanically by applying vibration to accessible elements of the system. This paper provides analytic understanding on why vibration can reduce friction based on a 1D(More)