Yehonatan Shichel

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This paper describes the first attempt to introduce evolutionarily designed players into the international Robocode league, a simulationbased game wherein robotic tanks fight to destruction in a closed arena. Using genetic programming to evolve tank strategies for this highly active forum, we were able to rank third out of twenty-seven players in the(More)
We have shown that genetically programming game players, after having imbued the evolutionary process with human intelligence, produces human-competitive strategies for three games: backgammon, chess endgames, and robocode (tank-fight simulation). Evolved game players are able to hold their own - and often win - against human or human-based competitors.(More)
We use evolutionary computation techniques to create real-time reactive controllers for a race-car simulation game: RARS (Robot Auto Racing Simulator). Using genetic programming to evolve driver controllers, we create highly generalized game-playing agents, able to outperform most human-crafted controllers and all machine-designed ones on a variety of game(More)
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