Yehonatan Cohen

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We present ErDOS, an Early Detection scheme for Outgoing Spam. The detection approach implemented by ErDOS combines content-based detection and features based on inter-account communication patterns. We define new account features, based on the ratio between the numbers of sent and received emails and on the distribution of emails received from different(More)
Outbound spam email is a serious issue for Email Service Providers (ESPs). If not resolved, or at least sufficiently mitigated, ESPs may incur higher costs and suffer damage to their reputation. In this work, we investigate the early detection of spamming accounts hosted by ESPs. Our study is based on a large real-life data set, consisting of mail logs(More)
We present NECTAR, a community detection algorithm that generalizes Louvain method's local search heuristic for overlapping community structures. NECTAR chooses dynamically which objective function to optimize based on the network on which it is invoked. Our experimental evaluation on both synthetic benchmark graphs and real-world networks, based on(More)
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