Yeh-Shun Chen

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This letter presents a novel image steganography method that utilizes a two-way block-matching procedure to search for the highest similarity block for each block of the important image. The bases and indexes obtained together with some not-well-matched blocks are recorded in the least significant bits of the cover image using a hop scheme. The method(More)
This letter proposes a steganalysis scheme for detecting reversible contrast mapping (RCM) watermarking. RCM watermarking involves the transformation of pixel pairs belonging to the RCM domain, which introduces artifacts into the least-significant bit (LSB). We found that the LSB histogram varies between a stego-image to the cover image, and we used this(More)
This paper presents an image authentication scheme to verify the integrity of images. The method protects a group of n images mutually by applying a threshold mechanism to manipulate the recovery data. The authentication code and the recovery data are embedded using a modified reversible contrast mapping watermarking scheme. The proposed method not only can(More)
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