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The performance of categorical music emotion classification that divides emotion into classes and uses audio features alone for emotion classification has reached a limit due to the presence of a semantic gap between the object feature level and the human cognitive level of emotion perception. Motivated by the fact that lyrics carry rich semantic(More)
Genre and emotion have been applied to content-based music retrieval and organization; however, the intrinsic correlation between them has not been explored. In this paper we present a statistical association analysis to examine such intrinsic correlation and propose a two-layer scheme that exploits the correlation for emotion classification. Significant(More)
One of the major issues in the future Internet is the integration of telecom networks with the Internet. In many countries, large Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are also telecom operators that have been focusing on providing Internet services through their telecom networks with telecom-grade mechanisms. In this article, we show that IP Multimedia(More)
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