Yeechi Chen

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We investigate the fluorescence from dyes coupled to individual DNA-functionalized metal nanoparticles. We use single-particle darkfield scattering and fluorescence microscopy to correlate the fluorescence intensity of the dyes with the localized surface plasmon resonance (LSPR) spectra of the individual metal nanoparticles to which they are attached. For(More)
Silver nanobars with rectangular side facets and an average aspect ratio of 2.7 have been synthesized by modifying the concentration of bromide added to a polyol synthesis. Subsequent rounding of nanobars transformed them into nanorice. Due to their anisotropy, nanobars and nanorice exhibit two plasmon resonance peaks, scattering light both in the visible(More)
The near-field effects of plasmonic optical antennas are being explored in applications ranging from biosensors to solar cells. We demonstrate that photoluminescence emission enhancement from CdSe quantum dots (QDs) can be obtained in the absence of any excitation enhancement near single silver nanoprisms. The spectral dependence of the radiative and(More)
We introduce a new sensing modality based on the actuation of discrete gold nanoparticle dimers. Binding of the target DNA leads to a geometrical extension of the dimer, thereby yielding a spectral blue shift in the hybridized plasmon mode as detected by single nanostructure scattering spectroscopy. The magnitude and opposite direction of this shift enabled(More)
This paper describes a facile method of preparing cubic Au nanoframes with open structures via the galvanic replacement reaction between Ag nanocubes and AuCl(2) (-). A mechanistic study of the reaction revealed that the formation of Au nanoframes relies on the diffusion of both Au and Ag atoms. The effect of the edge length and ridge thickness of the(More)
Coupled plasmonic/chromophore systems are of interest in applications ranging from fluorescent biosensors to solar photovoltaics and photoelectrochemical cells because near-field coupling to metal nanostructures can dramatically alter the optical performance of nearby materials. We show that CdSe quantum dots (QDs) near single silver nanoprisms can exhibit(More)
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