Yee Shiean Tan

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Approximately 100 million tons of anhydrosugars, such as levoglucosan and cellobiosan, are produced through biomass burning every year. These sugars are also produced through fast pyrolysis, the controlled thermal depolymerization of biomass. While the microbial pathways associated with levoglucosan utilization have been characterized, there is little known(More)
The study of narratives is increasingly noted for its value in the professional and personal development of doctors. We present the narratives of one of the author's experiences in the care of dying patients over a span of three decades. From the narratives, we identified three paradigms with which doctors respond to and care for dying patients and their(More)
Fever as a somatised symptom is not commonly described. We report a patient who complained of recurrent unexplained "fevers" during the severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) outbreak in Singapore. The presentation, while likely to be peculiar to the outbreak, posed challenges and difficulties to the primary care doctors. Investigations did little to(More)
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