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Recently the rapid proliferation of the Internet is stimulating the transformation of traditional markets into electronic markets (e-markets). Classical theories cannot adequately cover the dynamics of complex computing systems, such as the e-market, creating the need for new methods. Consequently, computing scientists and experts have joined their efforts(More)
Cloud service allows enterprise class and individual users to acquire computing resources from large scale data centers of service providers. This cloud service is more involved in purchasing and consuming manners between providers and users than others. However, Cloud service providers charge users for these services. Specifically, to access data from(More)
In this paper, the issue of path planning is addressed for unmanned air vehicles (UAVs) cooperative joint-forces electronic attack operating in a hostile environment. Specifically, the objective is to plan path to a target location in a way that minimizes exposure to threats while keeping fuel usage at acceptable levels. We consider a scenario where a group(More)
Virtual enterprise-oriented projects need the support of a distributed project management system, which concerns the collaboration of different departments and enterprises. In this chapter, we propose a multi-agent system with negotiation strategies for project schedule control—a collab-orative system framework wherein a distributed project can be scheduled(More)