Yee Kit Chan

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It has been known for many years that osteoarthrosis can be caused by trauma. More recently however, the concept, first developed by Kellgren and Moore (1952), that osteoarthrosis may in some instances involve many joints in the body and have a systemic basis, has gained acceptance. This condition is known as either generalized or primary osteoarthrosis,(More)
Periodontal bio-repositories, which allow banking of clinically validated human data and biological samples, provide an opportunity to derive biomarkers for periodontal diagnosis, prognosis and therapeutic activities which are expected to improve patient management. This article presents the establishing of the Malaysian Periodontal Database and Biobank(More)
This paper presents an evaluation of the logistic and Cox regression models for a prospective study when the outcome is binary and is determined in all patients after a fixed period of time. The similarities and differences between the regression coefficients and test statistics are given for the two-sample case. Extension of results to the multivariate(More)
Xq28 is the genetic locus of two closely associated conditions of red-green colour blindness and G6PD deficiency. Epidemiologically, both rank among the more frequent sex-linked clinical problems that affect military servicemen in Singapore. This retrospective study is based on the findings of 35714 subjects screened at the Medical Classification(More)
A multivariate risk function based on the Cox model was developed in the VA Study of Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery to predict the survival of patients with stable angina pectoris. The methods used in developing and evaluating the performance of the risk function (validation) are described. Performance was evaluated internally by the methods of(More)
Four VA Cooperative Studies Program Coordinating Centers have been established by the Cooperative Studies Program of the Medical Research Service of the Veterans Administration. Affiliated with each Coordinating Center is a Human Rights Committee (HRC). These HRCs function similarly to the Institutional Review Board but differ from it in many significant(More)