Yee-Kin Tsui

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We present a series of measurements examining the penetration force required to push a flat plate vertically through a dense granular medium, focusing in particular on the effects of the bottom boundary of the vessel containing the medium. Our data demonstrate that the penetration force near the bottom is strongly affected by the surface properties of the(More)
Penetration by an object through a dense granular medium (for example, by a finger pushing slowly into the sand on a beach) presents an interesting physics problem that is closely related to issues of practical importance in soil science. Here we measure the penetration-resistance force for an object approaching the solid bottom boundary of a granular(More)
A finite element approach is used to predict stress and deformation states of uterine muscle tissue under plane strain indentation by a flexible shield. Realistic, one-dimensional "punch" elements at the shield edges assure that muscle shear stresses remain bounded within experimentally measured values. For typical tissue, bearing pressure, deformation flow(More)
Two-dimensional (2D) systems with continuous symmetry lack conventional long-range order because of thermal fluctuations. Instead, as pointed out by Berezinskii, Kosterlitz and Thouless (BKT), 2D systems may exhibit so-called topological order driven by the binding of vortex-antivortex pairs. Signatures of the BKT mechanism have been observed in thin films,(More)
In order to characterize thermal excitations in a frustrated spin liquid, we have examined the magnetothermodynamics of a model geometrically frustrated magnet. Our data demonstrate a crossover in the nature of the spin excitations between the spin liquid phase and the high-temperature paramagnetic state. The temperature dependence of both the specific heat(More)
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