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In this study, a new P300 extraction method is investigated by using a form of constrained independent component analysis (cICA) algorithm called one-unit ICA-with-reference (ICA-R) which extracts the P300 signal based on its temporal information. The main advantage of this method compared to the existing ICA-based method is that the desired P300 signal is(More)
Shepherd and McWhirter proposed a QRD-RLS algorithm for adaptive filtering with linear constraints. In this paper, the numerical properties of this algorithm are considered. In particular, it is shown that the computed weight vector satisfies a set of constraints which are perturbed from the original ones, the amount of perturbation being dependent on the(More)
Many popular direction-of-arrival (DOA) estimators rely on the fact that the array response vector of the array is Vandermonde, for example, that of a uniform linear array (ULA). Array interpolation is a preprocessing technique to transform the array response vector of a planar array of arbitrary geometry to that of a ULA over an angular sector. While good(More)
The Davies transformation is a method to transform the steering vector of a uniform circular array (UCA) to one with Vandermonde form. As such, it allows techniques such as spatial smoothing for direction-of-arrival (DOA) estimation in a correlated signal environment, developed originally for uniform linear arrays, to be applied to UCAs. However, the Davies(More)