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Five episodes of nontyphoid salmonella infection following total hip replacement in four patients were studied. In three patients the infection occurred in the immediate postoperative period while prophylactic antibiotics were being administered. The fourth patient had bilateral total hip replacements five years apart with two nontyphoid salmonella(More)
We report the case of a pregnant woman with leptospirosis who gave birth to a healthy baby. We also review 15 previously reported cases of leptospirosis in pregnancy. Of these 15 cases, eight women had abortions, two delivered healthy babies, and four delivered babies who had signs of active leptospirosis; in one case, the fate of the fetus was not stated.(More)
Twenty-five patients with psoriatic arthritis were studied by echocardiography in view of the known association of related seronegative arthropathies with aortic-valve lesions. The study group included 15 men and ten women with a mean age of 46.5 +/- 14.6 years. Twenty-two patients suffered from peripheral disease whereas three also had axial involvement.(More)
Three cases of spinal osteomyelitis due to brucellosis are reported, all in women. Radiological confirmation was delayed for at least three months after the first clinical manifestation, while in one patient a bone scan was positive at an early stage. In two of the three cases the diagnosis was delayed because of insufficient awareness of the disease.(More)
Sterile hemorrhagic cystitis following cyclophosphamide (Cph) therapy is a relatively frequent and well-documented phenomenon. On the other hand, cancer of the urinary bladder associated with Cph therapy is rarely observed. We present two cases and summarize 32 patients reported in the literature. Thirty patients had malignant disease elsewhere, 27 of them(More)
Myocardial infarction during pregnancy and puerperium is very rare. Increased awareness of its possible occurrence is important for diagnosis. A young woman who developed acute myocardial infarction 14 days after labor is described. She had no coronary risk factors; coronary angiography was not done, but ergometric test involving maximal stress done 22(More)
Twenty-three subjects who had a splenectomy as a result of trauma underwent scintigraphic evaluation with a sensitive heat-denatured 99mTc-labeled red blood cells (DRBC). This method enabled detectin of ectopic splenic tissue foci (ESTF) as small as 1×1 cm in diameter. ESTF splenosis or accessory spleen was detected in 15 cases (65%), a higher incidence(More)