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OBJECTIVE To evaluate whether the risk for birth defects associated with maternal diabetes is attenuated by use of multivitamin supplements during the periconceptional period. METHODS In the population-based Atlanta Birth Defects Case-Control Study, we identified case infants who had nonsyndromic birth defects that were reported to be associated with(More)
BACKGROUND In 2007, a total of 57.8% of the 13,293 new cases of tuberculosis in the United States were diagnosed in foreign-born persons, and the tuberculosis rate among foreign-born persons was 9.8 times as high as that among U.S.-born persons (20.6 vs. 2.1 cases per 100,000 population). Annual arrivals of approximately 400,000 immigrants and 50,000 to(More)
We evaluated the effectiveness of an overseas pre-departure regimen of five days of albendazole for presumptive treatment of intestinal parasites by examining stool specimens in treated and untreated Montagnard refugees after arrival in the United States. Among 815 refugees evaluated, fully treated refugees had a significantly lower prevalence of helminths(More)
We describe a unique birth defects surveillance system in the People's Republic of China. The system was instituted in March 1992 as a component of an evaluation of the effectiveness of a public health campaign using periconceptional folic acid supplementation to prevent neural tube defects, and currently surveys birth cohorts of approximately 150 000(More)
BACKGROUND Multivitamin use has been associated with lower risks for some birth defects. We evaluated whether multivitamin use modified birth defect risks associated with febrile illness, a common and possibly teratogenic exposure. METHODS From the population-based Atlanta Birth Defects Case-Control Study (1968-1980) we selected seven defects (neural tube(More)
BACKGROUND Among approximately 163.5 million foreign-born persons admitted to the United States annually, only 500,000 immigrants and refugees are required to undergo overseas tuberculosis (TB) screening. It is unclear what extent of the unscreened nonimmigrant visitors contributes to the burden of foreign-born TB in the United States. (More)
Dieker and Opitz in 1969 described the simultaneous occurrence of limb deficiencies (LDs) and renal anomalies (RAs) in three patients. Curran and Curran introduced in 1972 the term "acrorenal syndrome." Since then, the term "acrorenal syndrome" is used occasionally, but a well-circumscribed definition has never been established. On the other hand, the(More)
In January 2005, tuberculosis (TB), including multidrug-resistant TB (MDR TB), was reported among Hmong refugees who were living in or had recently immigrated to the United States from a camp in Thailand. We investigated TB and drug resistance, enhanced TB screenings, and expanded treatment capacity in the camp. In February 2005, 272 patients with TB (24(More)
Recent reports suggest that women carrying certain polymorphisms of folate genes associated with suboptimal folate status might be at increased risk for having a child with Down syndrome or other autosomal trisomies, and hypothesized that maternal use of multivitamin supplements might reduce such risk. To evaluate this hypothesis, we examined data from a(More)
While the number of reported tuberculosis (TB) cases in the United States has declined over the past two decades, TB morbidity among foreign-born persons has remained persistently elevated. A recent unexpected decline in reported TB cases among foreign-born persons beginning in 2007 provided an opportunity to examine contributing factors and inform future(More)