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Fine mapping of Restorer-of-fertility in pepper (Capsicum annuum L.) identified a candidate gene encoding a pentatricopeptide repeat (PPR)-containing protein
Key messageUsing fine mapping techniques, the genomic region co-segregating withRestorer-of-fertility(Rf) in pepper was delimited to a region of 821 kb in length. A PPR gene in this region,CaPPR6,Expand
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Genetic diversity and population structure analysis to construct a core collection from a large Capsicum germplasm
BackgroundConservation of genetic diversity is an essential prerequisite for developing new cultivars with desirable agronomic traits. Although a large number of germplasm collections have beenExpand
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Divergent evolution of multiple virus-resistance genes from a progenitor in Capsicum spp.
Plants have evolved hundreds of nucleotide-binding and leucine-rich domain proteins (NLRs) as potential intracellular immune receptors, but the evolutionary mechanism leading to the ability toExpand
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Candidate Gene Analysis of the Restorer-of-fertility Gene in Pepper and Transgenic Expression of the Pepper CMS Associated Gene orf 507 in Nicotiana benthamiana
Cytoplasmic-genic male sterility (CGMS) has been widely used to produce hybrid seeds. Plant CGMS is due to genetic incompatibility between mitochondria and nucleus and is typically associated withExpand
Expression of pepper cytoplasmic male sterility-associated open reading frame, orf507 in transgenic tobacco plants
Cytoplasmic male sterility (CMS) is a mitochondrial inherited trait that prevents a flower from producing normal pollen grains. CMS has widely been used to produce F1 hybrid seed in pepper. ThoughExpand