Yean Ling Pang

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Sonocatalytic degradation of various organic dyes (Congo Red, Reactive Blue 4, Methyl Orange, Rhodamine B and Methylene Blue) catalyzed by powder and nanotubes TiO(2) was studied. Both catalysts were characterized using transmission electron microscope (TEM), surface analyzer, Raman spectroscope and thermal gravimetric analyzer (TGA). Sonocatalytic activity(More)
In this work, γ-Fe2O3 and TiO2 NTs/γ-Fe2O3 composites with good magnetism and sonocatalytic activity were prepared by a facile polyol method and utilize the principle of isoelectric point method, respectively. The structural and magnetic features of the prepared calcined γ-Fe2O3 and composite catalysts were investigated by transmission electron microscopy(More)
Fe-doped titanium dioxide (TiO(2)) nanotubes were prepared using sol-gel followed by hydrothermal methods and characterized using various methods. The sonocatalytic activity was evaluated based on oxidation of Rhodamine B under ultrasonic irradiation. Iron ions (Fe(3+)) might incorporate into the lattice and intercalated in the interlayer spaces of TiO(2)(More)
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