Yean-Hwei Chou

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Our studies demonstrated that human colon cancer cells (COLO 205), with higher expression level of check point kinase 1 (Chk1), were more sensitive to microtubule damage agent Tubulozole (TUBU) induced G2/M phase arrest than normal human colon epithelial (CRL) cells. TUBU (10 microM, for 3h) treatment resulted in rapid and sustained phosphorylation of(More)
Subtotal esophagectomy and reconstruction with colonic interposition grafting is the usual surgical treatment for benign esophageal stricture and malignant esophageal cancer. While short-term complications are frequently reported, long-term complications are rare. Herein, we report a 57-year-old male, with a previous caustic injury to the esophagus who(More)
Terbinafine (TB, lamisil), a promising world widely used oral-anti-fungal agent, has been used in the treatment of superficial mycosis. In this study, we found that apoptosis but not cell growth arrest was induced by TB (1 microM, for 24 h) in human promyelocytic leukemia (HL60) cells. The apoptotic effect induced by TB in the HL60 cell was not through the(More)
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