Yea-Shuan Huang

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A new method called the "Behavior-Knowledge Space Method" halJ been developed which can efficientlr aggregate decilJionlJ ol the individual c1alJlJifierlJ and de­ rive better relJuitlJ lor the unconlJtrained handwritten character recognition. It containlJ two IJtages: (1) the knowledge-modeling IJtage, which enroctlJ knowledge from the former behavior of(More)
This paper presents a robust thinning-based method for the segmentation of strokes from handwritten Chi-nese characters. A new set of feature points is proposed for the analysis of skeleton images. A geometrical graph based approach is developed for the analysis of strokes. A novel criterion is proposed for the identiication of the fork points in a skeleton(More)
Although the depth information of the scene is not stored while taking a picture, some features about the depth information still exist in the captured image. In this paper, we propose a method that generates the depth map of a single image based on scene classification. At first, it classifies the scene of the image into categories according to the color(More)