Ye-qin Wang

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Using two climate-vegetation model simulations from the Fast Ocean Atmosphere Model (FOAM) and the Community Climate System Model (CCSM, version 2), we investigate vegetation-precipitation feedbacks across North Africa during the mid-Holocene. From mid-Holocene snapshot runs of FOAM and CCSM2, we detect a negative feedback at the annual timescale with our(More)
Two novel Zn2+ organic phosphonate Zn(4,4'-bipy)(HBCP) 1 and [Zn2 (phen)2 (BCP)(H2 BCP)].H2O2 were hydrothermally synthesized. The compound 1 is with two-dimensional layer framework whereas the compound 2 is zero-dimensional structure. The Zn2+ ion is four-coordinated in compound 1 while five or six-coordinated in compound 2. The relationship between their(More)
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