Ye Yun

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Attribute reduction, as a part of preprocesses, plays an important role in data mining. Privacy ought to be preserved while conducting attribute reduction on distributed data. However, to the best of our knowledge, there exists no algorithm about attribute reduction for the present. In this paper, we represent two privacy preserving attribute reduction(More)
The HOPS complex serves as a tethering complex with GEF activity for Ypt7p in yeast to regulate late endosomal membrane maturation. While the role of HOPS complex is well established in yeast cells, its functional and mechanistic aspects in mammalian cells are less well defined. In this study, we report that RILP, a downstream effector of Rab7, interacts(More)
—Outlier detection has numerous useful applications such as detecting criminal activities in electronic commerce, terrorism prediction and exceptional cases in many areas. Privacy and security concerns, however, arise while performing mining for outliers on distributed data. In this paper, we present two privacy preserving distance-based outlier detection(More)
Secure Multi-party Computation (SMC) deals with the problem of secure computation among participants who are not trusted by others. Privacy Preserving Computational Geometry is a special area in SMC and has been applied to various of areas such as military, commerce and governments et al. In this paper, we will propose an efficient secure protocol, which is(More)
Steganography is the science of communicating secret information which no one apart from the intended recipient can be aware of. Most researchers focus on the medium of image, video and audio, while text is paid less attention, especially PowerPoint documents due to some shortcomings. In this paper, a new steganography method which hides information via(More)
Secure Multi-party Computation (SMC) is dedicated to solve trust problems in cooperative computing with each participant’s private data. Privacy Preserving Computational Geometry (PPCG) is a special area in SMC and is being widely used. This paper investigates the problem of judging whether a point is in a convex hull or not. We firstly present a(More)
We did not cite a related study which demonstrated that RILP facilitates membrane recruitment of tethering HOPS complex and p150glued subunit of dynein complex, which is regulated by cholesterol sensor ORP1L (Reference 1). In that investigation, RILP interacts with HOPS complex and recruits subunits of HOPS complex to late endosomal membrane, which is(More)
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