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We have shown that sequences contained within the viral mRNA 5'-untranslated region (UTR) played a critical role in directing selective influenza viral mRNA translation. We therefore attempted to identify transacting factors that may regulate viral mRNA translation through interactions with the 5'-UTR and at the same time map the precise sequences to which(More)
The yeast three-hybrid system presents a valuable tool for detecting and analyzing RNA-protein interactions in vivo. A major drawback of the use of such a transcriptional reporter-based assay in a library screen is the frequent occurrence of false-positive results due to bait RNA-independent activation of the reporter gene. To minimize the isolation of(More)
In speech, emotion is freely carried in the fundamental frequency, rate of speech, intensity and spectra of the human voice, although the spectra is largely dictated by words in speech. In singing, however, fundamental frequency and rhythm are constrained by the melody of the song, while the spectra is constrained by the song lyrics. Nevertheless, a large(More)
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