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—Improving the performance of the transmission control protocol (TCP) in wireless Internet protocol (IP) communications has been an active research area. The performance degradation of TCP in wireless and wired-wireless hybrid networks is mainly due to its lack of the ability to differentiate the packet losses caused by network congestions from the losses(More)
Many analytical and simulation-based studies of TCP performance in wireless environments assume an error-free and congestion-free reverse channel that has the same capacity as the forward channel. Such an assumption does not hold in many real-world scenarios, particularly in the hybrid networks consisting of various wireless LAN (WLAN) and cellular(More)
CXCR1 is one of two high-affinity receptors for the CXC chemokine interleukin-8 (IL-8), a major mediator of immune and inflammatory responses implicated in many disorders, including tumour growth. IL-8, released in response to inflammatory stimuli, binds to the extracellular side of CXCR1. The ligand-activated intracellular signalling pathways result in(More)
Cranial radiotherapy induces progressive and debilitating cognitive deficits, particularly in long-term cancer survivors, which may in part be caused by the reduction of hippocampal neurogenesis. Previous studies suggested that voluntary exercise can reduce the cognitive impairment caused by radiation therapy. However, there is no study on the effect of(More)
Previous studies show that more than 85% of the peers have joined multiple torrents in BitTorrent, but theoretical work on multiple files BitTorrent downloading is rare. In this paper, we first consider the scenario of multi-torrent downloading. We present a fluid-model based analysis on the multi-torrent concurrent downloading scheme, which is implicitly(More)
Channel state information (CSI) at the transmitters (CSIT) is of importance for interference alignment schemes to achieve the optimal degrees of freedom (DoF) for wireless networks. This paper investigates the impact of half-duplex relays on the DoF of the X channel and the interference channel when the transmitters are blind in the sense that no CSIT is(More)
RATIONALE In the myocardium, redox/cysteine modification of proteins regulating Ca(2+) cycling can affect contraction and may have therapeutic value. Nitroxyl (HNO), the one-electron-reduced form of nitric oxide, enhances cardiac function in a manner that suggests reversible cysteine modifications of the contractile machinery. OBJECTIVE To determine the(More)
Autophagy is the primary cellular catabolic program activated in response to nutrient starvation. Initiation of autophagy, particularly by amino-acid withdrawal, requires the ULK kinases. Despite its pivotal role in autophagy initiation, little is known about the mechanisms by which ULK promotes autophagy. Here we describe a molecular mechanism linking ULK(More)
Circulating endothelial progenitor cells (EPCs) play an important role in angiogenesis and vasculogenesis. Statins administered promote functional improvement in rats, independent of their capability to lower cholesterol. Whether statin treatment regulates circulating EPCs after traumatic brain injury (TBI) has not been investigated. We hypothesized that(More)