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— This paper describes a channel estimation and tracking scheme for OFDM MIMO systems based on pilot tones. The mean square error of the proposed scheme is derived, and through this we derive optimal training sequences and placement of the pilot tones. It is shown in this paper that minimum mean square (MMSE) channel estimation is obtained with equipowered,(More)
(MMSE) channel estimator, which makes full use of the time-and frequency-domain correlations of the frequency response of time-varying dispersive fading channels. Since the channel statistics are usually unknown, we also analyze the mismatch of the estimator-to-channel statistics and propose a robust channel estimator that is insensitive to the channel(More)
This paper investigates multiuser downlink data scheduling with quality-of-service (QoS) provisioning over multiple shared fading channels, which, for a network point of view, provides line flexibility and granularity for resource allocation. A user-centric metric-a utility function with respect to mean waiting time-which is able to maintain fairness among(More)
HepaRG cells, derived from a female hepatocarcinoma patient, are capable of differentiating into biliary epithelial cells and hepatocytes. More importantly, differentiated HepaRG cells are able to maintain activities of many xenobiotic-metabolizing enzymes, and expression of the metabolizing enzyme genes can be induced by xenobiotics. The ability of these(More)
Phosphate (Pi) homeostasis in plants is required for plant growth and development, and is achieved by the coordination of Pi acquisition, translocation from roots to shoots, and remobilization within plants. Previous reports have demonstrated that over-expression of OsPHR2 (the homolog of AtPHR1) and knockdown of OsSPX1 result in accumulation of excessive(More)
Development of the selective response properties that define columns in sensory cortex is thought to begin early in cortical maturation, without the need for experience. We investigated the development of direction selectivity in ferret visual cortex using optical imaging and electrophysiological techniques and found an exception to this view. Unlike(More)
This article presents a methodology for modeling aggregated disease incidence data with the spatially continuous log-Gaussian Cox process. Statistical models for spatially aggregated disease incidence data usually assign the same relative risk to all individuals in the same reporting region (census areas or postal regions). A further assumption that the(More)
We consider the design of iterative receivers for space-time block coded orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing (STBC-OFDM) systems in unknown wireless dispersive fading channels, with or without outer channel coding. First, we propose a maximum-likelihood (ML) receiver for STBC-OFDM systems based on the expectation-maximization (EM) algorithm. By(More)
The onset of vision occurs when neural circuits in the visual cortex are immature, lacking both the full complement of connections and the response selectivity that defines functional maturity. Direction-selective responses are particularly vulnerable to the effects of early visual deprivation, but it remains unclear how stimulus-driven neural activity(More)